How to buy our bamboo parasols

In brief

Inquire > our quotation > decide/refine > order> production & shipping > receive.

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Our customers

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, hospitals, event organizers, wholesalers, companies. Consumers, if our items are not available locally.

On order

Our products are made to order. Production time is approximately 3-14 days. LCL nd FCL production times are approximately 4-6 weeks with prior planning.


In > Prices we indicate our manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRP). Retailers may deviate from these prices at their own discretion.

For consumers who buy directly from us, we apply a wholesale ex-works price, after all shipping costs are also added.

Consumers who buy directly from our workshop receive lower product prices, because shipping costs must also be added.

We structure our factory direct product prices by quantity. The "ex-works" factory prices include export packaging and export documentation. Shipping costs are not included. The "ex-works" prices are available from us on request. Please contact us for "ex works" prices.

The product prices are only relevant in combination with shipping costs. In order to calculate these, it makes sense that you indicate your first idea of quantity and a delivery deadline together with your price request. Then you will immediately receive a (first) clear quote from us, including our advice for the lowest shipping costs for your delivery deadline.


International shipping costs are usually significant; depending on the order size, they can easily exceed the product costs. So don't be surprised if when ordering one garden umbrella the "ex works" product price is unexpectedly low, and the shipping cost is unexpectedly high; while the overall picture is quite feasible.

We use all courier shipping methods (5-7 days), postal methods (14-84 days) and ocean freight (30-45 days). Shipping costs generally depend on quantities and delivery time. This dependence is often disproportionate, which is why an important part of our expertise consists of advising our customers in efficient costs /benefits for shipping.

CO₂ Compensation
We are in favor of much faster greening of transport, especially air transport in the short term with SAF, and in the medium term with green hydrogen; sea freight with methanol. To bridge the gap, years ago we planted our own 20,000 m² (12.5 rai / 2 hectares / 5 acres) private land with approximately 1,500 trees in mixed forest. The annual CO₂ storage of approximately 30,000 kg (more than) compensates your parcel shipment by air or sea.


We work with low minimum order quantities, ideal for the independent retail sector. With growing order quantities, savings in product and transportation costs are possible.


On your request we will send you a quote for the number of items you specify. Our quotation contains a specification of: 1) the product price, 2) the cost of the most cost-effective shipping method and 3) transaction costs. Our offer is valid for 14 days.


After you have completed your selection and received our invoice, you place your order with a confirmation email and a full prepayment. The production of your order will start the working day after we have received your payment.

Sometimes we work at full capacity, then the production of your order starts a little later; in that case we will inform you before you place the order.


The payment methods are:

  • Paypal to our Paypal account. The payment methods are Paypal balance, debit/debit/credit card. The transfer is immediate.
  • TransferWise to our bank account in Thailand. The payment methods are debit/debit/credit card. The transfer takes approximately 1 day.
  • Bank transfer by SWIFT to our bank account in Thailand. The payment method is your bank account. The transfer takes 1-3 days.

The transfer costs are borne by the customer. For TransferWise, you add the transfer costs stated by Transferwise to the payment amount. For a SWIFT bank transfer, tick "Transfer charges at sender's expense". For Paypal we include the transfer costs in our invoice.

For smaller amounts Paypal and TransferWise are quite favorable. SWIFT transfers are quite expensive (usually tens of euros), varying per bank.

For LCL and FCL orders, different payment terms may apply.

Quality control

We monitor product quality during the production process, check immediately after production, and again before exporting to our customers. It is a standard that we have developed and refined since 2003.


As of 1 July 2021 EU rules have changed. The cost exempt 22 euro value has disappeared. Some postal services have lowered handling fees.

The rules remain simple:

  1. Product value personal gifts up to 45 euros: free of all import costs.
  2. Product value up to 150 euros: no import duties, but VAT and handling costs.
  3. Product value over 150 euros: import duties, VAT and handling costs.

If you buy one or two garden or terrace parasol(s) from us, your purchase is in category #2. In category #3, there is additional 4.7% import duty, this amount is the same throughout the EU.

NB: The shipping costs are not included in the determination of the three categories, but, when applicable, they are included in the calculation of import duties and VAT.

Simple procedure
The postal service or courier handle this and specify any charges.

Administrative costs differ by forwarder and location. Postal mail and courier handling costs are usually quite low, unless the customs office requires opening the package. If this is needed, admin costs can usually be saved by personal visit or, in some cases, online arrangement with the customs office.

Customs decide
You may wish to double check about exemptions. The customs office has the authoritative information. The forwarders (postal service, courier, freight) usually have the fastest information about import costs and procedure.

As standard import/export practice, all costs associated with the import are borne by the purchaser, separately from purchase from us, and regardless of any information provided by third parties and by us above.


Because you purchase directly from the workshop, our products are specifically made to order, and come with significant shipping costs, we do not offer a fixed return arrangement like local retailers. For us, the customer is king. We are happy to resolve any issues by mutual agreement.

Customer service

Parasol Paradise international sales are supported by JEDI International, Ltd., an export specialist in Chiang Mai, to whom we have delegated the task of ensuring high-quality customer service, the lowest possible shipping rates, efficient export documentation, and rigid quality control. Your communication with us goes directly through JEDI. Payments and documentation for international shipments are usually in the name of > JEDI International, Ltd.

Inquire or order > here.


Subject to modifications.

Corona business losses?
Discounts of 5-10% on ex works wholesale prices of our bamboo patio and garden parasols, for small businesses in the Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe sector. Contact with code "HORECA 21". Valid as long as this announcement stands.