Parasol Paradise is a brand name of JEDI International, Ltd.

Family business

JEDI International, Ltd. is a family business with original focus on business consultancy for market and business development, environmental and social responsibility, and export for local Thai SMEs.

It then expanded to provide international customer service on behalf of local customers, and artisan bamboo products manufacturing.

Bamboo R&D

In 2005, JEDI established a small R&D workshop to raise the quality and value-added of existing local bamboo products and create new bamboo products for international markets.


The R&D workshop grew into a separate production facility, named Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, managed by two of JEDI's directors, Supa and Sunisa. The workshop produces a variety of export quality bamboo parasol and umbrella models for the domestic and export markets. This includes the parasols and umbrellas made for Parasol Paradise. It also produces custom bamboo parasols and umbrellas for a number of well-known brand names (Brelli®, Lily-Lark®, Supabrella®). Using the same skills, the workshop also produces bamboo hand fans and bamboo pendant lamps.

Export and domestic

Since 2013, the workshop also serves the local Thai market for high-quality bamboo products, especially bamboo parasols and umbrellas, and bamboo hand fans with or without specialized digital print designs. Thai Airways, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), "Central Department Stores", the "Wonderfruit Festival" and prestigious 5 star hotels count among our domestic customers.

Environment and Global Heating

We are environmentally concerned. Our bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable resource. We have planted more than 3,000 own mixed forest trees, good for about 60 tons of CO₂ absorption per year. This far surpasses any carbon effects related to shipping of our items. We use solar panels to generate hot water and electricity, we drive a hybrid vehicle (fully electric is still a luxury item here), and use a custom electric trike for daily local deliveries. We're not waiting for any government get to act. We do what we can, now.


Under the supervision of JEDI, the workshop serves international customers on a long-term basis and maintains its flexibility to accommodate specialized international and domestic customer requirements.


Already active in English speaking markets, Parasol Paradise is our specific showcase for customers, event organizers and retail stores in European markets.

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