Classic Bamboo Parasols and Umbrellas

Our Classic bamboo parasol is a sun parasol and rain umbrella with modern and traditional features, made in environmentally and socially friendly, handcrafted production. It is our signature product.

This parasol is popular in solid colours, with stripes, and many modern and traditional painted design motifs. It can be recognized by a slight glare in radiant light.

Our Classic bamboo parasol is also described as Thai oiled parasol or oil cloth parasol. It shows undeniable similarities to more pricey Japanese parasols. Yet it should not be confused with Chinese paper parasols, oiled or not. Paper is out of the question for the Classic™ oiled bamboo parasol and umbrella - and it is handmade in northern Thailand.

We make this model in two versions, the hand-held version and the garden & patio version. The constructions are basically the same, there are differences in sizes and parts.

Sizes Classic bamboo hand parasol

The Classic bamboo hand parasol and umbrella has the following sizes:

  • Ø 70 cm, height 62 cm, weight 300 g
  • Ø 85 cm, height 72 cm, weight 500 g
  • Ø 100 cm, height 75 cm, weight 600 g

The Classic bamboo hand umbrella has a handle for a good grip.

Sizes Classic bamboo garden parasol

The Classic bamboo patio and garden parasol and umbrella has the following sizes:

  • Ø 125 cm, height 200 cm, weight 2.0 kg
  • Ø 175 cm, height 212 cm, weight 3.0 kg
  • Ø 200 cm, height 220 cm, weight 4.0 kg
  • Ø 250 cm, height 268 cm, weight 5.6 kg

The Classic bamboo patio and garden parasol has a base pole and an extension pole. A pedestal is not included.

Other sizes are possible.

Colors Classic bamboo parasol

Plain colours

25 standard solid colours are available. Exact custom colours can also be specified per Pantone colour catalogue or HTML colour codes.

With painting

A large number of standard paintings are available. The colours of the painted design motifs can be adjusted according to a preferred solid base color. In addition, customer-specific paintings and logos are part of our expertise. Applications range from corporate promotion, social, association and sporting events to weddings.

The banner photos above show the versatility of this model. Whatever the purpose, almost anything is possible.

Material and process

The Classic parasol is made with a bamboo frame from selected mature bamboo stems. The manufacture of this parasol / umbrella requires traditional craftsmanship by specialized craftspeople. Materials and process are the same for handheld and garden  versions.

The manufacture of the "cloth" or cover of the Classic bamboo parasol follows a traditional Thai recipe, only partially different from expensive Japanese parasols. In our workshop, this consists of light cotton, treated with a traditional, natural, water-resistant primer and water-resistant colour. Quality is achieved by proper recipe preparation and layering.

The standard colours used are nowadays made with synthetic paint. The colour "natural" contains no paint or colouring, with a light "beige" look.


The& Classic parasol comes standard with a softwood top surrounded by an apron. This can be replaced by a black (or different coloured) top without an apron.


The handheld version can be furnished with a bamboo frame that withstands straight wind force 7 in wind tunnel tests.

Both, handheld and garden versions can be enhanced with environmentally neutral, natural "food-grade" colours instead of synthetic colours. The colour variety, gloss and water resistance are more limited.


We use low MOQs with shipping usually by post, contract courier or freight. Smaller numbers are often possible per courier, larger numbers per sea freight (freight economies of scale start with 40 garden parasols or 150 hand parasols, or a mix). The cost effectiveness of the shipping methods is often not linear with the number of items, and shipping charges can be volatile. We keep track of this continuously and can advise on this.


This bamboo parasol loves the sun and does well in the rain. Before storing it, make sure it is dry. The cloth can be cleaned with a damp cloth, do not use abrasive or corrosive agents. The same goes for the bamboo frame. The cover is not removable.

The garden and patio version needs a base, we recommend a pipe in the ground or approx. 40 kg weight. It is easy to fold down when it gets windy; take it indoors for strong winds, long-term rain, and icy conditions. This parasol is easy to handle by one person and requires little storage space.

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  • Banner photo "Classic bamboo parasol, painted, with model in red dress" is creatively owned by Kru Kara - Kara Polasit (Personality and Runway Training)
  • Banner Photo "Classic Bamboo Parasol and Umbrella for Garden and Patio, Solid Colour White, at a Wedding" is creatively owned by our Customer Chloe, UK
  • Banner photo "Classic bamboo parasols at the 2018 Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand" is creative property of Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand
  • All parasols shown on this page are produced in our workshop.