Fabric Bamboo Parasols

The fabric bamboo parasol has a curved bamboo frame with a stretched fabric cover. This fabric parasol has rounder shapes compared to the flatter Classic parasol. There are two versions, the hand parasol and the terrace and garden parasol.

The standard fabric bamboo parasol is not waterproof, but can definitely serve as a rain umbrella for a short time.

Our fabric bamboo parasol is handmade in Thailand in environmentally neutral and socially friendly, artisanal production.

Sizes fabric hand parasol

The fabric bamboo hand parasol has the following sizes:

  • Ø 85 cm, height 72 cm, weight 450 g
  • Ø 100 cm, height 75 cm, weight 550 g

The fabric bamboo hand parasol has a handle for a good grip.

Sizes fabric garden parasol

The fabric bamboo garden parasol has the following sizes:

  • Ø 205 cm, height 235 cm, weight 4.0 kg
  • Ø 254 cm, height 268 cm, weight 5.6 kg

The fabric bamboo garden parasol has a base pole and an extension pole. A pedestal is not included.

Other sizes are possible.


The fabric bamboo parasol is available in 10 colours: Blue, dark green, light green, lilac, off-white, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Logos, designs, prints and paintings can be applied.

Material and process

The fabric parasol is made with an 8 ribs bamboo frame from selected mature bamboo stems. The ribs are curved, wider, slightly heavier each, and the shape is rounder compared to a Classic Bamboo Parasol's flat frame.

The standard cover consists of Toray fabric, a resistant synthetic material with a solid service life. This material provides a good price / quality ratio. It has a certain resemblance to canvas cloth. It is not waterproof and the UV resistance is undefined.


Upgrades lie in the type of fabric for the cover. A wide range of natural, composite and synthetic fabrics is possible here.


We make the standard model fabric bamboo parasol with an curved 8-point frame. Alternatively, a flatter frame shape is also possible. For the Asian market, for example, we also make a fabric parasol with a flat frame and an artificial silk fabric cover.


We use low MOQs with shipping by post, contract courier or freight. Smaller numbers are often possible by courier, larger numbers by sea freight (economies of scale from 40 garden parasols, or 150 hand parasols or mixed). The cost effectiveness of the shipping methods is often not linear with the shipping quantity, and shipping costs can be volatile. We keep track of this continuously and are happy to advise.


The fabric bamboo parasol loves the sun. In rain, the Toray fabric cover will allow water to pass through after approximately 20-30 minutes, without damage to the material. Before storing it, make sure the parasol is completely dry. The fabric cover can be removed for washing (with a little do-it-yourself effort). Use a damp cloth for the bamboo frame, no abrasive or caustic agents.

The fabric bamboo garden & terrace parasol needs a base, we recommend a pipe in the ground or approx. 40 kg weight. It is easy to fold down when it gets windy; take it indoors for strong winds, long-term rain, and icy conditions. This parasol is easy to handle by one person and requires little space for storage.

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Photo credits

  • Banner photo "Fabric bamboo parasol, purple, with model in serpentine sari" is creatively owned by Kru Kara - Kara Polasit (Personality and Runway Training)
  • All parasols and umbrellas shown are produced in our workshop.