Bamboo Paper Parasols

The paper bamboo parasol is a light, pure sun parasol, good for shade in sun and heat. In addition to its actual use, it likes to be used at parties, and it often serves decoration purposes.

Our paper parasol has a flat bamboo frame and a paper cover. This is not ordinary paper, but hand-produced, environmentally neutral mulberry paper. Mulberry paper, known in Thailand as "Saa" paper, is made from the regenerating bark of the mulberry tree. For solid colours we use slightly textured paper in standard production.

This paper bamboo parasol has our usual high build quality. It is made in  a traditional, socially friendly, environmentally neutral work process, and will last long given proper care. Unlike some other (cheap) paper parasols, it does not contain plastic parts, does not use nasty metal hooks for the tensioner, does not have a wooden carry pole, but is made with a bamboo pole and a genuine bamboo mechanism.

The paper parasol is intended as a pure parasol, in the sun. The degree of UV protection is undetermined. There is no garden or terrace variant.

Sizes bamboo paper parasol

The hand parasol has the following sizes, including children's and party sizes:

  • Ø 25 cm, height 27 cm, weight 100 g
  • Ø 50 cm, height 47 cm, weight 200 g
  • Ø 60 cm, height 53 cm, weight 250 g
  • Ø 70 cm, height 62 cm, weight 300 g
  • Ø 85 cm, height 72 cm, weight 400 g

Other sizes are possible.

Colours paper bamboo parasol

Numerous solid colours and colour motifs are available. The paper bamboo parasol is also highly suitable for painting.

Logos, designs and custom paintings are possible. There are no limits to design creativity.

At children's parties, this parasol is ideal for creative painting events.

Material and process

The bamboo paper parasol is made in our workshop in northern Thailand, in artisanal, socially and environmentally responsible small-scale production.

This parasol has a handmade, flat bamboo frame.

The parasol cover is made of mulberry paper. This paper is made in a neighbouring village in an environmentally neutral and socially friendly traditional manufacturing process.

Standard paintings are handmade by local painters.


The paper bamboo parasol is made for use in the sun, with a nice look. The parasol does not handle rain or water well; water rouses the paper and causes it to crack. The parasol can be dusted off with a dry cloth, do not use any other means. The paper cover is not made to be removable.

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  • Banner photo "Paper bamboo parasols red-white-blue drying in the sun" is creative property of Parasol Paradise
  • All parasols shown here are produced in our workshop.