Get a free parasol!

Receive a free hand parasol worth € 39.00 (retail price).

You may have noticed that there are few photos on our website. That's because we choose to post photos with motifs from the European region. And we have so very few of them. Would you like to help us?

The photos can be made anywhere in Europe, for example, where your language is spoken.

We will hand out 20 Thai Bamboo Parasols and Bamboo Textile Parasols to the first 20 participating respondents, including the shipping costs. "First come first served."

What do we ask in return? Take pictures for our website!

  1. Take five or more creative photos with our hand parasol and umbrella, at home or a nearby street, landmark or nature scene. It is best if someone else photographs you. In sun or rain, or both, you have complete freedom of choice. You can add a short video, that's also nice.
  2. Send us the photos and video by email. We have your permission to post these on our website and social media.
  3. Put some photos, and the video if you have made it, on your own social media, with a link to our website, and let us know about it.
  4. Tip: Make the photos as clear as possible, light and fresh.
  5. Any weather is OK. Nice photos are always possible, right?

Here are a few nice > photo examples on IG and > photo examples on FB.

Who can participate? Anyone over the age of 18 living in Europe and/or speaking a European language. How to do? Be one of the first 20. Respond via > Contact here on this website, with your current location: "I live in [your country]. I would like to participate in the photo promotion. Am I in the first 20?"

A few rules:

  • We assume that participants stick to the agreement to send us the photos by email, and to post them on social media with a link to us.
  • Persons who are recognizable in the picture must have given their consent.
  • The promotion concerns 10 Thai Bamboo Parasols and 10 Bamboo Textile Parasols, hand parasols size Ø 85 cm, solid color.
  • Shipping is free ex workshop Thailand; according to most European postal services no import costs are incurred (Gift up to € 45).
  • Import duties, charges or VAT are not expected; should these nevertheless occur, they are for the account of the recipient (you).
  • Parasol Paradise reserves all rights regarding conditions, changes, decisions regarding. this free promotion.

Photo credits

  • Banner photo "Manager Supa with Classic Bamboo Hand Parasols / umbrellas in Ton Pao, Chiang Mai" (garden parasols / umbrellas in the background) is creative property of Supa P.
  • Video Classic Bamboo Parasol "Golden Lotus on Cherry Red" by Make-up Artist / Theater Artist Pearypie (FB)
  • Above images will be placed within a few days.